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When an attempted robbery goes wrong, three career criminals find themselves trapped in an abandoned warehouse, fighting for their lives, as outside forces close in…


When an attempted robbery goes wrong, three career criminals make a run for it, hiding out in an abandoned industrial building as they wait to make their next move. Unfortunately they’re not alone in the warehouse – when the group discover De Niro, a vicious attack dog who’s been left behind by an underground fight circuit, they realise the biggest threat may actually lie inside their safe house.

Trying to keep their distance from this new danger, and aware that the chance of escape is narrowing, the group are left considering the choices that led them to this moment, fighting for their lives as the law closes in.

From the Producers of The Expendables 1 & 2, London Has Fallen, Automata, Real Steel, Shoot Em Up and Ironclad! Antonio Banderas (Desperado, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Shrek 2) Double Oscar nominee, John Malkovich (Burn After Reading) Oscar Winner, Adrien Brody (The Grand Budapest Hotel, Predators, King Kong

Cast: Antonio Banderas, John Malkovich, Adrien Brody
Genre: Crime Thriller