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The 100 Candles Game

Seeped in gothic menace and dread, packed with classic horror monsters and demons, and offering something for nearly every horror lover, The 100 Candles Game is a fresh anthology of horror starring Amy Smart (The Butterfly Effect, Road Trip, Just Friends) and Wallis Barton (Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones).


A group of friends reunite to confront their worst fears in a terrifying storytelling game. Siting in a circle of candlelight, a horror story must be told for each of the 100 candles. As the stories unfold and candles are blown out one by one, a terrifying presence is felt in the room around them lurking in the shadows. And the group soon realise that no one will be allowed to leave the game until it is finished.

Director: Nicolas Onetti
Language: English
Cast: Amy Smart, Wallis Barton
Genre: Horror