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StarDog & TurboCat

A madcap animated adventure starring Luke Evans , Nick Frost and Bill Nighy; new friends Buddy and Felix set out to find Buddy’s lost owner… and discover their inner superpowers along the way!


Launched into space by his scientist owner in 1969, loyal dog Buddy crash lands in the present-day in a small town where pets are ruthlessly rounded up by animal-hating cop Peck. Desperate to be reunited with his owner, Buddy recruits genius millionaire cat Felix to help him on a madcap adventure across town. But when they encounter rabbit Cassidy and her misfit organisation of animal rights activists G.U.A.R.D., Buddy and Felix are forced to confront Peck and become the heroes they need to be!

Starring Luke Evans, Nick Frost, Gemma Arterton and Bill Nighy, it’s a hilarious animated adventure about friendship, heroism and belief in the human capacity for good that introduces the whole family to the greatest heroes ever unleashed: STARDOG AND TURBOCAT!

Director: Ben Smith
Producer: Jan Rogowski
Language: English
Writer: Ben Smith
Cast: Luke Evans (Dracula Untold, Beauty and the Beast), Nick Frost (Paul, Shaun of the Dead), Gemma Arterton (Prince of Persia, The Girl with All the Gifts), and Golden Globe® winner Bill Nighy (Love Actually, Pirates of the Caribbean)
Genre: Family
Country: UK
Runtime: 88 Minutes
Production Year: 2019