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Kill Speed

A high octane mix of Fast & Furious and Top Gun


A group of young, speed-freak pilots make a killing by transporting crystal meth across the Mexican border into California in their supersonic, 300mph planes.  Chasing the adrenalin-fuelled Hollywood lifestyle of girls, parties and stacks of cash, they take ever greater risks.

But when they are asked to fly in their biggest shipment yet, worth $2.7million, their antics attract the attention of the FBI that wants to use the boys to smash the supplying Mexican cartel.  Caught up in a deadly and duplicitous game of cat and mouse, the ‘Flyguyz’ are about to run their craziest mission yet.

A high octane mix of Fast & Furious and Top Gun, Kill Speed stars Goldberg (Ex WWE Champion), Greg Grunberg (Heroes, Lost), Robert Patrick (Walk The Line), Tom Arnold (True Lies) and the Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter.

Genre: Action
Runtime: 108 Minutes