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General Commander

Action movie legend Steven Seagal is back in his latest carve up!


Decorated CIA operative Jake Alexander has dedicated his career to eliminating underground crime in South Asia, but when a sting operation to stop a black market organ trafficking organisation goes badly wrong, resulting in the murder of a member of his team, the case is closed and his team globally reassigned.

Disillusioned and gunning for vengeance, Alexander vows to finish the mission, forming a rogue task force outside of the politics, rules, and regulations of the CIA. A powerful action thriller, full of explosive action, exhilarating stunts and bone-crunching fights – this Commander’s team is dedicated to bringing justice and revenge, by any means necessary.

Director: Philippe Martinez and Ross W. Clarkson
Cast: Steven Seagal, Ron Smoorenburg, Sonia Couling
Genre: Action
Runtime: 82 Minutes
Production Year: 2019