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Zombie Town

Following the massive global success of Goosebumps, this Halloween sees the release of the latest edition to R.L. Stine’s cinematic universe – Zombie Town!


In this edge-of-your-seat horror-comedy, legendary horror filmmaker Len Carver miraculously returns from obscurity after three long decades away from the public eye to premiere his new movie in a small, local cinema. But high schoolers Mike and Amy have other ideas, managing to steal an early copy for themselves. However, once the film starts rolling, an ancient spell is unleashed on the town, turning its unsuspecting residents into the undead. Desperate to break the curse, the duo’s only hope is to track down the reclusive director, but first they’ll need to fight through a hoard of flesh-eating zombies!


Featuring Marlon Kazadi (Ghostbusters: Afterlife), Ghostbusters’ Dan Aykroyd, comedy and film legend Chevy Chase, and rising star Madi Monroe.

Director: Peter Lepeniotis
Cast: Marlon Kazadi, Dan Aykroyd, Chevy Chase, and Madi Monroe.
Genre: Horror
Runtime: 92 Minutes