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Harry Styles: Are You Curious?

The story of Harry Styles and his journey from teen idol to global sensation.


When boy band One Direction first emerged, they became an international sensation, instantly ascending to the very top of the pop world with Harry Styles as a firm fan favourite. Yet when they parted ways, he disappeared from the public eye, only to re-emerge as a very different kind of celebrity.


Playful, inclusive, and fascinatingly subversive, Harry has transcended music and become both a screen star and an eccentric fashion trailblazer, whilst still enjoying the most prestigious awards ceremonies and breaking records both on the charts and with his blockbuster concerts. Now, discover the remarkable story behind Harry Styles’ evolution, from teenage heartthrob to the most distinctive mainstream artist of the modern age.

Director: Robert Hearn
Producer: Elio Espana, Tom O’Dell
Language: English
Cast: Harry Styles, Joe Levy (Editor-In-Chief, Billboard), Ellie Henman (Showbiz Editor, The Sun), Lydia Spencer-Elliot (Grazia), Lucy Ford (GQ Magazine)
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 77 Minutes